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Survival Equipment

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Are You Prepared to Survive Here or Die Here?


Custom Made Knives


Survival Equipment

LT's Knives offers hand-made knives, handles, sheaths, and other survival products.  Each piece is unique and will not be exactly the same as the one before, because they are hand-made, not manufactured or punched out by a machine.

Knives, machetes, leather goods, and a lot of my other products may have a very fine micro scratch, but that is what distinguishes hand made from machine made. Take a very close look at something that is completely handmade, and you will see what I mean, especially with knives and guns.  There will never be another piece like yours.  It will be one of a kind!

I can also make knives and machetes customized to your designs. If you have a reasonable design that you would like to have made into a knife, mail it to me and I will let you know if I can make it. Any handmade product I make for you comes with a free CD of me making your piece.  I will also etch your first name and last initial on knives for free.

Hand Made Custom Knives

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SAS Survival Handbook
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